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Moment's In Season 9

Well the only moment that i could say  Eric and Calliegh briefly talk was in Season 9 was Episode 2

Here Quoted Dialogue of Eric and Calleigh

Season 9 Episode 2 "Sudden Death"

Calleigh: (smiling) "Tell me somethin' good."
Eric: "Okay. I just got the time of the incited incident."
Calleigh: "All right. I'll take it. Well, the computer receipts say that the champagne was delivered to Ellison at 11:57pm, so it has to be sometime after that."
Eric: "It was. The confetti in Kristin's lungs puts her inside the club exactly at midnight when the champagne was forced on her."
Calleigh: "Okay. I'm guessing you wanna take a look at the VIP seating chart?"
Eric: (grinning) "I do."
Calleigh: "Well, I tell you what: I will look at the hard copies and I will call you after I've done that."
Eric: "That's great. Thanks."
Calleigh: "Uh-hmm."

Eric: (walking into the locker room) "Hey."
Calleigh: (at her locker) "Hey."
Eric: "So, you outta here?"
Calleigh: "Yep, I'm leavin'. I'm gonna go have dinner with a friend."
Eric: "A friend, huh? Tryin' to have a life outside of this place?"
Calleigh: (laughing) "I'm tryin'."
Eric: "Huh. It's none of my business."
Calleigh: (turning to look at him) "Well, sure it is. We're friends. That's the kind of thing friends talk about."

Eric: (grinning slightly, but avoiding eye contact) "Yeah, I guess they do."
Calleigh: (quietly) "You know I love you like family."
Eric: "Yeah, I know." (smiling) "That's what we are, right?"
Calleigh: (smiling slightly) "Absolutely."
Eric: "Have a good night."
Calleigh: "You too." (Eric watches her walk out)

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Moment's In Season 5

Season 5

Episode 5.01 - Rio. Horatio and Eric go to Rio to catch Marisol's killer. While they're there, Calleigh keeps track of them through their cell phones' GPS systems. When Eric goes missing and nearly gets killed, it is Calleigh who discovers his signal has been lost and calls Horatio, who finds Eric and saves his life.
Episode 5.02 - Going Under. When Calleigh is pushed off the road while heading back to the lab, Eric is second only to Horatio in asking how she's doing. He's also the one trying to offer her words of confidence and support when Calleigh starts to doubt herself for not noticing every detail in a life or death situation. By this point in their relationship, you can see that Eric is just a little bit protective of Calleigh in most situations and doesn't like anyone messing with her.Episode 5.07 - High Octane. Eric and Ryan end up with the crime scene when a boy is decapitated doing trick driving in a waterfront parking lot. Calleigh comes into the lab when Eric starts to process the evidence and proceeds to tease him about the number of bottles he has to process and how he got the bottles over doing DNA and trace. Then she sticks around to verify Eric's suspicions about the fingerprints found on the bottles.

Episode 5.12 - Internal Affairs. Eric is very irritated by Jake working a case that was originally his.
Episode 5.13 - Throwing Heat. Eric shows up at the lab in a suit, and Calleigh doesn't hide her appreciation for his good looks, calling him "hot stuff" as they flirt a little. Later in the episode, Eric witnesses an assault and steps in to defend the woman. It turns out that the couple are married con artists who sue Eric for attacking the husband. Eric goes to Calleigh for advice, but ends up settling out of court to keep people from looking into the lab's activities, especially after his and Horatio's unsanctioned trip to Rio. Calleigh comforts him in the end, telling him that she's got his back.

Episode 5.15 - Man Down. While looking for a kidnapping victim with Horatio, Eric is shot in the head. Eric's heart stops a few times, but the doctor is able to stabilize him. While he is unconscious, Calleigh visits him and puts a crucifix in his hand. Later, when she visits again, Eric is awake and sweetly whispers her name before asking for Mari. Not wanting to tell him that Mari is dead, Calleigh urges Eric to rest. Outside, she talks to Alexx, who reveals that fragments of the bullet are still lodged in Eric's brain, and that he may not be the guy that they've always known. Calleigh fights tears as she looks at Eric through the viewing glass. This is the first time we see her cry.

Episode 5.16 - Broken Home. Eric is back after being shot, but having memory and motor problems. Calleigh confronts him when he messes up on some evidence, but unlike her explosive reactions with Ryan's mistakes, she's very tender and understanding of Eric. Eric is much harder on himself, and wonders if he returned to work too soon and if he should stop working. Calleigh tells him that they need him.

Episode 5.21 - Just Murdered. The con artist who sued Eric is back, and wondering why she hasn't been getting any money from the settlement. Eric doesn't remember her due to his brain injury. Calleigh pulls him aside and explains the situation, and tells him to keep working on the case while she deals with the woman. Later, Eric thanks her for what she did, and Calleigh reassures him that he would've done the same for her. Eric explains that he's grateful for all of her help in the last year. Calleigh appreciates the comment and, without giving it much thought, reaches up and kisses him on the cheek. Eric is shocked at first and they share an awkward moment before Calleigh walks away. Eric watches her leave with a huge grin on his face. 

Episode 5.22 - Burned. After the kiss, the romantic and sexual tension between Eric and Calleigh escalates. While processing a scene, Calleigh gets a shard of glass in her finger. Eric comes over quickly and removes it. The tension rises when Calleigh tenderly says his name as they share a long moment looking into each other's eyes. Eric chuckles nervously and breaks eye contact, only to notice that the piece of glass from her finger is an important piece of evidence. Natalia teases Eric about his growing crush on Calleigh, where his reaction is bashful befuddlement, something completely unexpected from the formerly smooth Eric Delko.

Episode 5.23 - Kill Switch. Eric steps off the elevator and spots Calleigh. He smiles brightly and watches her for a moment. Meanwhile, Calleigh is talking to Jake on the phone. When she realizes Eric is watching her, she quickly hangs up. Eric comments that it's great to see her smile, and asks if she was talking to Jake. Calleigh confirms that she was talking to Jake and comments that she and Jake could go on a date if they weren't so busy with work, then quickly changes the subject.

Episode 5.24 - Born To Kill. Jake is hurt in a car crash and, while processing a scene, Eric comments bitterly that he thinks Jake wishes Calleigh were with him at the hospital. Calleigh stops him and comments that she was at the hospital with Eric. Eric claims it was different when it was him. Calleighh realizes that Eric is jealous and reassures him that she trusts him with her life while she doesn't know what she feels for Jake, essentially admitting that she's torn between them. Calleigh confirms that she has feelings for Eric, but because they work so closely in comparison to her and Jake, a relationship between them would be deemed inappropriate. Eric smiles at the small victory he's garnered from her admission. At the end, Jake kisses Calleigh in the lobby and Eric witnesses the kiss morosely. When Calleigh gets in the elevator with Jake, she looks back and realizes guiltily that Eric saw the whole thing as he stands there, looking heartbroken and a little bitter.

some scene's from season 5



Moment's In Season 4

Season 4 

Episode 4.08 - Nailed. Ryan gets shot in the eye with a nail gun at a crime scene that Eric was supposed to cover. We find out that Eric's absence is due to issues with Marisol. Calleigh sees Eric talking to Marisol outside the hospital after Ryan is admitted. She assumes that Mari is one of his "girlfriends" and politely tells him to handle his personal relationships on personal time. At first this seems cold, until Calleigh starts telling him about losing respect if he keeps messing up at work due to personal problems. Notice that Calleigh is always polite and calm when talking Eric about stuff like that, but totally blows her top with anyone else. This is classic "Calleigh covering his backside" material.

Episode 4.09 - Urban Hellraisers. Eric gets caught in a bank robbery committed by a group of what we later learn are students imitating a top rated video game. Eric is stuck analyzing a mask from one of the robbers and running it through a facial recognition program against the Dade University athletic department database. This is one of the times when we see Calleigh and Eric's friendship flourish, especially when they joke and tease about the things they do. This shows that they respect and trust each other enough to take the serious talk and jokes all in stride.

Episode 4.10 - Shattered. Eric has been buying marijuana for Marisol to help her deal with the pain from chemo. Earlier in the season, Ryan and Calleigh saw rolling papers in Eric's kit, but didn't know what they were for. In this episode, Eric's dealer rats him out. It's not long before the gossip makes it to Calleigh, who sours considerably and ruthlessly sticks up for Eric. While everyone else, including Horatio, wonders if Eric was really doing drugs, Calleigh refuses to believe it. Stetler finds out and is set to fire Eric. During her interview with Stetler, Calleigh lies and tells him that she's never seen him buying or using drugs, or with drug paraphernalia.

Moment's In Season 3


Episode 3.02 - Pro Per. When a former con is arrested, he acts as his own lawyer and proves to be smarter than he appears. He shows up at the lab, asking to see some important evidence. Calleigh tries to stop him but the con, who is way taller and heavier than her, insists rather brassly. Eric witnesses the confrontation and comes over, gets in between Calleigh and the con and threatens him to use physical force if he doesn't leave. The con man leaves reluctantly, and Calleigh turns to Eric and snaps at him for coming to her rescue. Eric thought she needed a little help, but Calleigh insists he undermined her. Later on, as Calleigh questions Eric about the evidence he is processing, he humorously asks her if she's undermining him. Calleigh smiles and apologizes for snapping at him early on, and admits he was right for coming over to help her. They smile at each other and continue working on the evidence.

Episode 3.04 - Murder in a Flash. Eric and Calleigh investigate a "flash mob" where someone leaves the victim on a golf course. The situation with the students at the school is no better. Seeing the kinds of things the kids do in school, Eric reflects on how he was in school and considers himself an angel compared to the guys at the school.

Episode 3.07 - Speed Kills. Eric and Calleigh join forces to play a joke on Ryan. It's the first time we see them laugh together since Speed was killed. It's also impressive that Eric knew what Calleigh was doing without her having to prepare him for the joke.

Episode 3.23 - Whacked. The tension between Eric and Ryan is in full bloom, and Calleigh is forced to play mediator between the two. Later on, when Eric and Calleigh are alone, Eric expresses his unhappiness that Calleigh always defends Ryan. Calleigh denies his accusations, reassuring Eric that he's the one she trusts "with every fiber of my being." Eric smiles and softens up considerably. This is a very important episode, as we learn that Eric is the only man in Calleigh's life that she trusts so deeply, due to the fact that she grew up with an alcoholic father and has gone through multiple bad relationships. Calleigh's admission of such an intimate thing shows how truly close these two are.

Episode 3.24 - 10-7. Disturbed by his ex-partner's suicide and his inability to have Calleigh, John Hagen's mental state is not well. He puts his gun to Calleigh's head while she is processing a scene, but slips away before she sees him. Eric finds her in the lab and helps her identify the gun. Before she can trace it to Hagen, he shows up in her lab and shoots himself in the head in front of her. Calleigh is in shock after witnessing this, and when Alexx comes to collect the body, she tells Eric that he may be the only one who can get through to Calleigh. Eric tries to comfort Calleigh, but the walls she's built around herself are hard to climb. Calleigh resigns as the ballistics expert at the end of the episode.

SCENE of E/C moment in season 3



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Moment's In Season 2

Season 2
Episode 2.02 - Dead Zone. This is where the flirtation is kind of obvious. Eric has gone diving at a salvage site and found what may have led to a murder, and Horatio and Calleigh are waiting for him back on the boat. As he strips off his gear (too bad for us he didn't take off the wet suit, too!) Calleigh asks what he found. Eric playfully responds "I swear I saw a mermaid." Calleigh's response is a playful and flirtatious "Dream on, Diver Man." This shows how comfortable they are with each other- who else could comment on something like that in that manner except close friends...or people that are more than friends?

Episode 2.03
- Hard Time. This episode has to do with a rape victim who keeps fighting. Her "body" is found in a partially constructed condo. Eric was originally supposed to be on the call out, but he called Calleigh to cover for him, which she did. (and obviously this isn't the last time she's covered for him either) Calleigh does get a little angry with him for being late (again) but keeps it between herself and Eric that she thinks they never would've found the girl alive if he'd been the one that had to be at the scene.

Episode 2.04 - Death Grip. When a young white girl is kidnapped, the entire city goes on full alert. Later on, the team discovers the same kidnapper may have been involved in the kidnap and murder of a young Cuban girl. Eric is pissed and frustrated at the blatant discrimination shown by the authorities - who pulled out all the stops for the white girl, but dismissed the Cuban girl as a runaway. Calleigh is the only one who sees Eric's frustration and tries to comfort him. When Eric attends the Cuban girl's wake, Calleigh shows up to support him. Also, when guest star Jeff Corwin gets a little enthusiastic about Eric introducing him to Calleigh, Eric says 'Easy!', as if to ward him off.

Episode 2.05 - The Best Defense. Calleigh has been "secretly" seeing Detective John Hagen when her dad shows up wanting her to examine the evidence to one of his cases. The case is assigned to Eric, who Hagen tells to dismiss what turns out to be important evience. When Calleigh finds Eric to check his progress, he tells her what Hagen wanted him to do, which also shows that most of Eric's reason for not liking Hagen has to do with Calleigh. Eric also tells Calleigh that he knows about her and Hagen. Calleigh later confronts Hagen and breaks up with him.

Episode 2.06 - Hurricane Anthony. Calleigh and Eric don't really work this case together. However, the Eric and Calleigh moment is at the end, when they compliment each other on solving their respective parts of the case. Eric tells Calleigh that she'd be the only person he knows that would find something good to come out of a hurricane, which makes her smile.

Episode 2.07
- Grand Prix. The Eric and Calleigh moments are mainly just them teasing each other about something or other. There's also a scene where Eric is trying to get some help from the pit crews and having no luck. When Calleigh stops by and tries her hand, he is shocked to see how easy and quick it seems to be for Calleigh to do stuff like that!

Episode 2.10 - Extreme. Eric gets into a fight and Calleigh is worried. Calleigh gets a little jealous when she finds out it's about a woman.

Episode 2.11 -
Complications. Here is another example of their comfortable brand of teasing that can only occur between close friends. Eric is examining the rope used to hang a man in his condo and Calleigh makes the very cliche joke, "Are you tied up?", to which Eric responds, "Cute." with a smile. When she disappointedly asks if she's been beat to it with the joke, Eric can only laugh and tell her that the entire day shift pretty much used the same method.

Episode 2.14 - Stalkerazzi. This is another episode with some seemingly innocent teasing between Eric and Calleigh while working a case. Calleigh is looking through photos and Eric comes in and makes a flip book out of them, thus bringing them to the conclusion that there was something going on that had the people in the pictures looking in a different direction from their original target. More teasing ensues in the firearms lab when Eric comes in, asking the same question of Calleigh and getting his exact answer from her.

Episode 2.15 - Invasion. A man is taken from his home after an apparently random home invasion. There is never a ransom call, so everyone assumes the worst, especially when the man is identified as a wealthy surfboard manufacturer. Eric and Calleigh really show the extent of their friendship here, when they argue over the fairness of Eric getting to go up in a helicopter to scan the city with a thermal viewer to locate the dump site for the man's body. Eric's rationale is that he was on hand when Horatio ordered the sky search, which entitles him to go. At this point, Calleigh is basically pouting when she tells him that she "expects pictures" since she can't go with him.

Episode 2.18 - Wannabe. A body is found inside a dumpster, covered by ants. Eric asks Calleigh if she wants to do the honors, but Calleigh nervously reveals she has ant phobia. Eric takes over, and later encourages Calleigh to get over her fears by allowing her to crawl inside an ant tank. To this date, Eric is the only member of the team who knows about her fear of ants.

Episode 2.21 - Not Landing. Eric and Calleigh work a case where a pilot who lives in an airstrip neighborhood crash lands on the beach. They find that one of the neighbors is a tech-inclined Peeping Tom, and bet each other on which of the neighbors it is. Calleigh wins and Eric pays up, commenting that his lost bet at least pays for a search warrant.

Episode 2.23 - MIA/NYC- Non- Stop. This is the crossover episode for CSI:NY, where Horatio goes to New York to track down a murderer. The Eric and Calleigh scene is when they start discussing the possibilities of their suspect originally being from New York, or that he still lives under an assumed name.

Scene of E/C MOMENT IN Season 2



Moment's In Season 1

 Moments Of  Eric and Calleigh's 
Season 1
Season 1

Episode 1.03 - Wet Foot/Dry Foot. Horatio riles up the Cuban community by interrogating the family of a young refugee that was found dead in a raft in the middle of the ocean. To try and avoid the conflict with his neighbors, Eric asks Calleigh if he can crash at her place. Calleigh avoids the question and Eric nervously explains why he doesn't want to go home. Calleigh is reluctant, but finally agrees and adds, "No midnight tiptoe, deal?" Eric deals laughingly, knowing exactly what the term means, and he starts to slide up behind Calleigh. She's neither unaware nor opposed to this, and the sexually charged moment ends when she asks him to look at some evidence she's discovered.

Episode 1.13 - Bunk. Eric and Calleigh are investigating the death of an older woman in a retirement community. As they walk to the crime scene, they discuss, and playfully disagree, on what they will do with their grandmothers. Eric playfully refers to Calleigh as "Southern", while she calls him "Cuban".

Episode 1.14 - Forced Entry. The team is working a case where a crematorium worker is found dead and there are quite a few bodies that were supposed to be cremated piled up behind the building. The Eric and Calleigh moment is when they are with Alexx in the morgue and Alexx is about to microwave the dead crematorium worker's hand to find out what he was holding when he died. Calleigh gets a little wigged out when Alexx and Eric act as if microwaving a body part is nothing new- then gets over it when she's the one pushing the buttons. Eric, in the meantime, is getting a great laugh out of the whole deal.

Episode 1.15 - Dead Woman Walking. Eric gets a small dose of radiation while processing contaminated evidence. When he finally gets the all clear (he's told that his level of exposure is the same as what a pilot would get on a flight to Paris), Calleigh tells him to just take the trip to Paris the next time because it would be easier on everyone involved.

Episode 1.17 - Simple Man
. A man responsible for killing a woman is about to be found innocent by the county, until a second body is discovered. The team has very little time to prove that the man did it before the case is thrown out. Eric has been diving all night through sewage to find the gun used to kill the victim, while Calleigh has been stressed out tackling two cases at once. They meet in the hallway and Calleigh inquires about the gun. Eric tells her he put it in her lab to process hours before. Calleigh goes on about being tied to the lab on ballistics evidence, and Eric tells her that he's been just as tied up looking for other evidence. Calleigh stops and they apologize to each other, while holding onto each other's hips, before Calleigh leads the way and they get back to work.

Episode 1.18 - Dispo Day. While investigating an ambush on a police truck full of drug evidence on its way to being destroyed, Speedle is shot (he was wearing a vest). This leads to an IA investigation where everyone on the team is questioned to find out who leaked the information about the drug truck. This makes everyone a little uptight. Calleigh is saved from a soda by Eric, who reminds her that they're not supposed to have caffeine, and Calleigh thinks it's funny that Eric feels guilty when he hasn't done anything wrong. He claims it's because he's Catholic.

Episode 1.20 - Grave Young Men. Calleigh and Eric are working a case where a few teens have been playing with guns. The case initially starts because an ex-con is looking for his son, who seems to have gone missing, and the ex-con goes to Horatio. The Eric and Calleigh moment comes when Calleigh is going over a tree stump with a fine tooth comb and x-ray to see what kinds of bullets the boys were using. Due to the fact that Calleigh had the x-ray machine going, Eric couldn't help because he didn't have a lead apron and therefore couldn't enter the room, at which point, Calleigh basically tells him to stay out, with an impish grin on her face.

Episode 1.21 - Spring Break. Eric and Calleigh are investigating the death of a college boy at a motel, who has appeared to have drowned as his body is still at the bottom of the pool. Eric strips down to his wetsuit to retrieve the victim, much to the delight of the bystanding young ladies. A few of the girls hail Calleigh, and ask if he's got a girlfriend after telling Calleigh that her friend is "totally hot". Calleigh, slightly embarrassed by this question, offhandedly answers "Not at the moment" before walking away. She later jokingly tells Eric, who thinks the girls are cute, that the girls thought he was cute, and were wondering if he had a younger brother.




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