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Moment's In Season 1

 Moments Of  Eric and Calleigh's 
Season 1
Season 1

Episode 1.03 - Wet Foot/Dry Foot. Horatio riles up the Cuban community by interrogating the family of a young refugee that was found dead in a raft in the middle of the ocean. To try and avoid the conflict with his neighbors, Eric asks Calleigh if he can crash at her place. Calleigh avoids the question and Eric nervously explains why he doesn't want to go home. Calleigh is reluctant, but finally agrees and adds, "No midnight tiptoe, deal?" Eric deals laughingly, knowing exactly what the term means, and he starts to slide up behind Calleigh. She's neither unaware nor opposed to this, and the sexually charged moment ends when she asks him to look at some evidence she's discovered.

Episode 1.13 - Bunk. Eric and Calleigh are investigating the death of an older woman in a retirement community. As they walk to the crime scene, they discuss, and playfully disagree, on what they will do with their grandmothers. Eric playfully refers to Calleigh as "Southern", while she calls him "Cuban".

Episode 1.14 - Forced Entry. The team is working a case where a crematorium worker is found dead and there are quite a few bodies that were supposed to be cremated piled up behind the building. The Eric and Calleigh moment is when they are with Alexx in the morgue and Alexx is about to microwave the dead crematorium worker's hand to find out what he was holding when he died. Calleigh gets a little wigged out when Alexx and Eric act as if microwaving a body part is nothing new- then gets over it when she's the one pushing the buttons. Eric, in the meantime, is getting a great laugh out of the whole deal.

Episode 1.15 - Dead Woman Walking. Eric gets a small dose of radiation while processing contaminated evidence. When he finally gets the all clear (he's told that his level of exposure is the same as what a pilot would get on a flight to Paris), Calleigh tells him to just take the trip to Paris the next time because it would be easier on everyone involved.

Episode 1.17 - Simple Man
. A man responsible for killing a woman is about to be found innocent by the county, until a second body is discovered. The team has very little time to prove that the man did it before the case is thrown out. Eric has been diving all night through sewage to find the gun used to kill the victim, while Calleigh has been stressed out tackling two cases at once. They meet in the hallway and Calleigh inquires about the gun. Eric tells her he put it in her lab to process hours before. Calleigh goes on about being tied to the lab on ballistics evidence, and Eric tells her that he's been just as tied up looking for other evidence. Calleigh stops and they apologize to each other, while holding onto each other's hips, before Calleigh leads the way and they get back to work.

Episode 1.18 - Dispo Day. While investigating an ambush on a police truck full of drug evidence on its way to being destroyed, Speedle is shot (he was wearing a vest). This leads to an IA investigation where everyone on the team is questioned to find out who leaked the information about the drug truck. This makes everyone a little uptight. Calleigh is saved from a soda by Eric, who reminds her that they're not supposed to have caffeine, and Calleigh thinks it's funny that Eric feels guilty when he hasn't done anything wrong. He claims it's because he's Catholic.

Episode 1.20 - Grave Young Men. Calleigh and Eric are working a case where a few teens have been playing with guns. The case initially starts because an ex-con is looking for his son, who seems to have gone missing, and the ex-con goes to Horatio. The Eric and Calleigh moment comes when Calleigh is going over a tree stump with a fine tooth comb and x-ray to see what kinds of bullets the boys were using. Due to the fact that Calleigh had the x-ray machine going, Eric couldn't help because he didn't have a lead apron and therefore couldn't enter the room, at which point, Calleigh basically tells him to stay out, with an impish grin on her face.

Episode 1.21 - Spring Break. Eric and Calleigh are investigating the death of a college boy at a motel, who has appeared to have drowned as his body is still at the bottom of the pool. Eric strips down to his wetsuit to retrieve the victim, much to the delight of the bystanding young ladies. A few of the girls hail Calleigh, and ask if he's got a girlfriend after telling Calleigh that her friend is "totally hot". Calleigh, slightly embarrassed by this question, offhandedly answers "Not at the moment" before walking away. She later jokingly tells Eric, who thinks the girls are cute, that the girls thought he was cute, and were wondering if he had a younger brother.





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