Tell us what is your wish for our couple and why


My wish is just like all hiphuggers wish....A very romantic proposal and wedding this season and then a baby Delko next season.=)


My wish list for our hiphuggers is an ILY followed by a proposal, a romantic wedding, and then baby Delko.

WELL i want more baby DELKO ,maybe twin's
and i agreed with you all ,we do need big wedding right ..

right now, I just wish for anything between Eric and Calleigh, a kiss, a hug anything :S

wow i love ur think @MyUsernameIsCool ,we need kiss and hug much and much more and drama free !! :)

an 'i love you' would be amazing :) i wish they get back together (from that weird scene in season 9) and kiss, hug and much more <3

tell me about it **weird weird scene right in 902 ,i don't know what the writer thinking while write that line .....seriously *love u like family ..u kidding me *

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