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Are we ever going to see sparks between Eric and Calleigh on CSI: Miami this season? — Jessica
ADAM: Producer Barry O'Brien says that the show will very soon stoke that fire, but perhaps not in the way you'd like. "Delko is going to catch [Calleigh] kissing a guy goodbye in the morning, which will be a flashpoint for Delko," O'Brien says. "On the other side of the coin, Delko is getting slowly involved with a suspect from Episode 4." But fear not: The ends may justify the means. "Both of these [events] will challenge their commitment to that decision to be friends exclusively," O'Brien says. "This may be a relationship that, in the end, is just too strong to resist." Hope!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mega Buzz - A CSI:Miami Romance   


 What's the deal with Calleigh and Delko on CSI: Miami? Should we give up hope on ever seeing them together again?
  Nope. Co-executive producer Barry O'Brien says their cooling-off period this season was necessitated by Emily Procter's real-life pregnancy. "It was a little bit of a detour, a little bit of a left turn," he says. "But... we know those kind of feelings don't just go away ... They may be made for each other." Hope restored, Megan?

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Friday,March 11, 2011

Adam Rodriguez - 'It's Never Too Late' for Delko/Calleigh' 


Adam Rodriguez didn’t merely call the shots as the director of this Sunday’s CSI: Miami (CBS, 10/9c). If we may continue the metaphor, he also manufactured the bullets, having himself written the episode in which Delko and the rest of Horatio’s team stumble upon a hunting club that preys upon scrambling humans. TVLine asked Rodriguez about flirting with that “triple threat” status as well as solicited his take on the cooled-off red-hot Delko/Calleigh dynamic.

This episode that you wrote and directed, it has a Most Dangerous Game flavor, yes?

That is undeniably where I got the idea from, yeah. I’ve always loved that story [by Richard Connell], I read it as a kid and it always stuck with me. I thought that sport and the sickness of it would be a cool and interesting element to bring to the show, something we haven’t seen before.

But as such, I imagine you gave yourself a lot of foot chases to direct

Yeah, we had a lot of chasing going on. But we had a great second-unit director that covered some of that for me, because there are only so many hours in the day. I gotta say, it was nice not to have to be the one running for a change!

Oftentimes when an actor steps behind the camera, his character is a bit light in the episode. Is that the case here with Eric?

Yeah, I didn’t want to bite off more than I can chew. But the scenes that I’m in I feel are poignant, and I’m happy with the way they turned out. But those were the days my heart was pounding, when I had to act in a scene on top of watching everybody else’s performances going on.

 Was the chance to write and/or direct something that was presented to you when you negotiated to return this season as a series regular?

It was something that I’ve always been interested in doing, and it’s been tossed around very loosely in the past, so I decided to revisit that and lock that in place, and make that one of the things that would incentivize me coming back to the show. They obliged, and I got to do it.

And look, you got to direct Emily Procter in her first episode back following her whole single-episode maternity leave. She’s TV’s real “wonder woman,” someone said to me.

She is unbelievable. She just wanted to get back in the saddle and work! She’s been totally gung-ho about it.

Tell me, what ever did happen with the Eric/Calleigh “thing” the show teased for a stretch there?

You know, it’s kind of hard to say. We’ve sort of moved past it at this point, unfortunately. Whether the whole thing went to s–t and we crashed and burned and it didn’t work out, I always felt like that would be an interesting element to bring to the show — to give the audience the chance to watch a relationship between these two great friends and coworkers blossom and come to full fruition, and then tear it down. It’s never too late, though. I’m pretty certain we’re coming back for a 10th season, so there’s always next year. I feel like people have wanted to see it for so long, but they’ve never been served a full meal of it. We’ll see what happens. Or maybe people are over it at this point? Maybe it’s time to move on and not revisit it? It’s not for me to decide.
And what about the season finale – have you gotten a hint of what the show is building toward? Any sort of cliffhanger?

No, I don’t know, man. I’m always the last to find this stuff out. I would love to tell you, but I have no idea!

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December 20th,
CSI: Miami All Set To Feature A Romantic Storyline!   

Well, recently the producer of CSI: Miami has confirmed that the show will soon feature a romantic storyline…
Yup! That’s true!

The producer of CSI: Miami series has said that Delko (Adam Rodriguez) and Calleigh (Emily Procter) will be seen romancing with each other in the future episodes of the show.
Earlier, co-executive producer Marc Dube said that the show will keep the two characters apart. However, it seems that a few beneficial changes have been made in the storyline, judging from the viewers’ interest in the show.
Well, I am really impressed with the concept and hope that viewers will like it too. So, I will definitely catch CSI: Miami episodes online to enjoy this romantic theme between Delko and Calleigh. I think the upcoming episodes of the show will be a real treat to watch.
When Dube was asked about the romantic theme in the show, he said, “Delko having to do things behind his colleague’s back kind of threw a wrench into the works as far as their relationships goes…There’s been a bit of an agreed backing-off on both sides.”
However, Duke hasn’t confirmed the news officially; he has just given a hint to all his fans. I really want to catch some romance in the show.
Well, we all hope for the best!


December 1st  

Mega Buzz: CSI: Miami's Bad Romance

 What is the deal with Delko and Calleigh on CSI: Miami? What's the status of their relationship?

ADAM: For the immediate future, they will be more friends than lovers. "Delko having to do things behind his colleagues' back kind of threw a wrench into the works as far as their relationship goes," co-executive producer Marc Dube tells us. "There's been a bit of an agreed backing-off on both sides. It's something that will be revisited, but right now it's more of a brother-sister relationship. They love each other very much. Will it spike again? Probably, but they're taking a little break from the intensity."

November 21th
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November 10th 
Behind The Scene
                OF  ADAM RODRIGUEZ  AND EMILY PROCTER (calleigh and eric )