Wednesday, November 9

Moment's In Season 9

Well the only moment that i could say  Eric and Calliegh briefly talk was in Season 9 was Episode 2

Here Quoted Dialogue of Eric and Calleigh

Season 9 Episode 2 "Sudden Death"

Calleigh: (smiling) "Tell me somethin' good."
Eric: "Okay. I just got the time of the incited incident."
Calleigh: "All right. I'll take it. Well, the computer receipts say that the champagne was delivered to Ellison at 11:57pm, so it has to be sometime after that."
Eric: "It was. The confetti in Kristin's lungs puts her inside the club exactly at midnight when the champagne was forced on her."
Calleigh: "Okay. I'm guessing you wanna take a look at the VIP seating chart?"
Eric: (grinning) "I do."
Calleigh: "Well, I tell you what: I will look at the hard copies and I will call you after I've done that."
Eric: "That's great. Thanks."
Calleigh: "Uh-hmm."

Eric: (walking into the locker room) "Hey."
Calleigh: (at her locker) "Hey."
Eric: "So, you outta here?"
Calleigh: "Yep, I'm leavin'. I'm gonna go have dinner with a friend."
Eric: "A friend, huh? Tryin' to have a life outside of this place?"
Calleigh: (laughing) "I'm tryin'."
Eric: "Huh. It's none of my business."
Calleigh: (turning to look at him) "Well, sure it is. We're friends. That's the kind of thing friends talk about."

Eric: (grinning slightly, but avoiding eye contact) "Yeah, I guess they do."
Calleigh: (quietly) "You know I love you like family."
Eric: "Yeah, I know." (smiling) "That's what we are, right?"
Calleigh: (smiling slightly) "Absolutely."
Eric: "Have a good night."
Calleigh: "You too." (Eric watches her walk out)

So if you guys know the other Dialogue Quoted ...Please tell us :)


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