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Moment's In Season 5

Season 5

Episode 5.01 - Rio. Horatio and Eric go to Rio to catch Marisol's killer. While they're there, Calleigh keeps track of them through their cell phones' GPS systems. When Eric goes missing and nearly gets killed, it is Calleigh who discovers his signal has been lost and calls Horatio, who finds Eric and saves his life.
Episode 5.02 - Going Under. When Calleigh is pushed off the road while heading back to the lab, Eric is second only to Horatio in asking how she's doing. He's also the one trying to offer her words of confidence and support when Calleigh starts to doubt herself for not noticing every detail in a life or death situation. By this point in their relationship, you can see that Eric is just a little bit protective of Calleigh in most situations and doesn't like anyone messing with her.Episode 5.07 - High Octane. Eric and Ryan end up with the crime scene when a boy is decapitated doing trick driving in a waterfront parking lot. Calleigh comes into the lab when Eric starts to process the evidence and proceeds to tease him about the number of bottles he has to process and how he got the bottles over doing DNA and trace. Then she sticks around to verify Eric's suspicions about the fingerprints found on the bottles.

Episode 5.12 - Internal Affairs. Eric is very irritated by Jake working a case that was originally his.
Episode 5.13 - Throwing Heat. Eric shows up at the lab in a suit, and Calleigh doesn't hide her appreciation for his good looks, calling him "hot stuff" as they flirt a little. Later in the episode, Eric witnesses an assault and steps in to defend the woman. It turns out that the couple are married con artists who sue Eric for attacking the husband. Eric goes to Calleigh for advice, but ends up settling out of court to keep people from looking into the lab's activities, especially after his and Horatio's unsanctioned trip to Rio. Calleigh comforts him in the end, telling him that she's got his back.

Episode 5.15 - Man Down. While looking for a kidnapping victim with Horatio, Eric is shot in the head. Eric's heart stops a few times, but the doctor is able to stabilize him. While he is unconscious, Calleigh visits him and puts a crucifix in his hand. Later, when she visits again, Eric is awake and sweetly whispers her name before asking for Mari. Not wanting to tell him that Mari is dead, Calleigh urges Eric to rest. Outside, she talks to Alexx, who reveals that fragments of the bullet are still lodged in Eric's brain, and that he may not be the guy that they've always known. Calleigh fights tears as she looks at Eric through the viewing glass. This is the first time we see her cry.

Episode 5.16 - Broken Home. Eric is back after being shot, but having memory and motor problems. Calleigh confronts him when he messes up on some evidence, but unlike her explosive reactions with Ryan's mistakes, she's very tender and understanding of Eric. Eric is much harder on himself, and wonders if he returned to work too soon and if he should stop working. Calleigh tells him that they need him.

Episode 5.21 - Just Murdered. The con artist who sued Eric is back, and wondering why she hasn't been getting any money from the settlement. Eric doesn't remember her due to his brain injury. Calleigh pulls him aside and explains the situation, and tells him to keep working on the case while she deals with the woman. Later, Eric thanks her for what she did, and Calleigh reassures him that he would've done the same for her. Eric explains that he's grateful for all of her help in the last year. Calleigh appreciates the comment and, without giving it much thought, reaches up and kisses him on the cheek. Eric is shocked at first and they share an awkward moment before Calleigh walks away. Eric watches her leave with a huge grin on his face. 

Episode 5.22 - Burned. After the kiss, the romantic and sexual tension between Eric and Calleigh escalates. While processing a scene, Calleigh gets a shard of glass in her finger. Eric comes over quickly and removes it. The tension rises when Calleigh tenderly says his name as they share a long moment looking into each other's eyes. Eric chuckles nervously and breaks eye contact, only to notice that the piece of glass from her finger is an important piece of evidence. Natalia teases Eric about his growing crush on Calleigh, where his reaction is bashful befuddlement, something completely unexpected from the formerly smooth Eric Delko.

Episode 5.23 - Kill Switch. Eric steps off the elevator and spots Calleigh. He smiles brightly and watches her for a moment. Meanwhile, Calleigh is talking to Jake on the phone. When she realizes Eric is watching her, she quickly hangs up. Eric comments that it's great to see her smile, and asks if she was talking to Jake. Calleigh confirms that she was talking to Jake and comments that she and Jake could go on a date if they weren't so busy with work, then quickly changes the subject.

Episode 5.24 - Born To Kill. Jake is hurt in a car crash and, while processing a scene, Eric comments bitterly that he thinks Jake wishes Calleigh were with him at the hospital. Calleigh stops him and comments that she was at the hospital with Eric. Eric claims it was different when it was him. Calleighh realizes that Eric is jealous and reassures him that she trusts him with her life while she doesn't know what she feels for Jake, essentially admitting that she's torn between them. Calleigh confirms that she has feelings for Eric, but because they work so closely in comparison to her and Jake, a relationship between them would be deemed inappropriate. Eric smiles at the small victory he's garnered from her admission. At the end, Jake kisses Calleigh in the lobby and Eric witnesses the kiss morosely. When Calleigh gets in the elevator with Jake, she looks back and realizes guiltily that Eric saw the whole thing as he stands there, looking heartbroken and a little bitter.

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