Monday, November 7

Moment's In Season 4

Season 4 

Episode 4.08 - Nailed. Ryan gets shot in the eye with a nail gun at a crime scene that Eric was supposed to cover. We find out that Eric's absence is due to issues with Marisol. Calleigh sees Eric talking to Marisol outside the hospital after Ryan is admitted. She assumes that Mari is one of his "girlfriends" and politely tells him to handle his personal relationships on personal time. At first this seems cold, until Calleigh starts telling him about losing respect if he keeps messing up at work due to personal problems. Notice that Calleigh is always polite and calm when talking Eric about stuff like that, but totally blows her top with anyone else. This is classic "Calleigh covering his backside" material.

Episode 4.09 - Urban Hellraisers. Eric gets caught in a bank robbery committed by a group of what we later learn are students imitating a top rated video game. Eric is stuck analyzing a mask from one of the robbers and running it through a facial recognition program against the Dade University athletic department database. This is one of the times when we see Calleigh and Eric's friendship flourish, especially when they joke and tease about the things they do. This shows that they respect and trust each other enough to take the serious talk and jokes all in stride.

Episode 4.10 - Shattered. Eric has been buying marijuana for Marisol to help her deal with the pain from chemo. Earlier in the season, Ryan and Calleigh saw rolling papers in Eric's kit, but didn't know what they were for. In this episode, Eric's dealer rats him out. It's not long before the gossip makes it to Calleigh, who sours considerably and ruthlessly sticks up for Eric. While everyone else, including Horatio, wonders if Eric was really doing drugs, Calleigh refuses to believe it. Stetler finds out and is set to fire Eric. During her interview with Stetler, Calleigh lies and tells him that she's never seen him buying or using drugs, or with drug paraphernalia.


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