Thursday, January 13

Will Adam Rodriguez Show Loveness?

Rodriguez Writes & Directs Upcoming ‘Miami’ Episode

CSI: Miami actor Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) is taking his turn behind the camera later this season.

According to, Rodriguez will write, direct and act in the sixteenth episode of Miami’s ninth season. “It’s going to be a real high-octane episode,” producer Barry O’Brien revealed. “It starts with a victim crossbowed to a tree in the Everglades, and it’s literally an action movie from the first frame. It’s really an exciting event for us.”

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So what you all thinking ,do you think ADAM will write some scene showing Eric and Calleigh interacting  or at lease something something (yea u know!!) loll...ok i meant that like they talking or just smiling or something (yea i know ... you want more but the guy just starter to direct so let not give  pleasure for him :P

But i guess it lease to hope :(  for romance  (ops sorry for being negative ) *just saying*

well that what i think,if you want share your view (go for it ) :)


As long as the scenes of Eric and Calleigh aren't romantic. Would rather Adam focus on the team . I hope he takes a lesson from Carmine when he wrote an episode for New York,he didn't focus on himself or his relationship ,and it was agreat episode.

yea that what i think to ..its his 1st move being directer and i don't think he will focus on him self thou far the spoiler say he going give equal scene time for everyone .which really nice!And yea Carmine did wonderful job on the episode he direct ,he even show some loveness between Lindsay Danny thou (which one a great job he try to please all viewers ).

BUT i didn't say Adam should do as Carmine . but let hope for best in all


I need your help!! When I first saw you!!! That clip you have!! Please tell me where I can download it... That's my anniversary song!!! Please please help!!! I love it but can't find it!!!

The song is on the Dream Girls Album by Jamie Foxx & Beyonce

Thanks, for helping me to find it!

I really, really want our hiphuggers together. i miss them very much.

yea i miss our couple scene's too :(

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